Graduate On Point




Sarah began in Graduate On Point at the beginning of her Sophomore year at the recommendation by her school guidance counselor. She had failed 5 of her classes as a freshman with a .87 GPA and borderline attendance. Although her behavior record at school was okay, she was rebelling against her parents at home. Sarah was constantly angry and depressed and even tried to kill herself  in the 9th grade.

Sarah explained that she had no encouragement from her parents at home and they constantly talked down to her. Sarah struggled greatly with anxiety and had no idea what she wanted to do with her future and no motivation in school. Ashley, an On Point advisor, began building a relationship with Sarah and showing interest in her life. "I noticed she was very intuitive and a natural leader, so I began presenting her with opportunities to help organize and lead. In continually told her how smart she was and held her accountable in classes," Ashley recounted. "I remember one day she was leaving my office and walking off with some friends and I said, 'I love you, Sarah'. She turned around with this surprised smile and said, 'What did you say Miss Ashley?!' I said, 'I love you.' She looked like she had not heard that in a long time and said, 'I love you too Miss Ashley!'"

Sarah has made so many positive changes. She has taken ownership of her past actions and moved forward with a plan for her future. She asks for feedback when making big decisions about how to handle hard circumstances and seeks to respond wisely. She voices concern for other students as well. Her attendance went from being borderline in unexcused absences to acceptable, and has continued in this pattern. Her behavior at school has remained good and other than occasional arguments with her parents, there have been no extreme behavior problems at home. Sarah has passed almost every class since 9th grade, and is actively working on recovering the credits she lost. Sarah is currently dual enrolling in her desired field. Her GPA has raised significantly and she is on a good path to graduate with her class next year!