The McIntyre’s moved to Cleveland in July, 2011 and after some deliberation on which program their non-verbal, autistic son Jayden should be in, he found a home at the Lee University Developmental Inclusion Center (LUDIC) in November of that year. In a very short amount of time Jayden started making progress. He was using some sign language (more, all done, I love you, & help), making sounds (letters & animals), using words (no, daddy, kitty, his sister’s name, Jasmine, thank you and Popi), and wrote his name for the first time. Each week brought something something new and amazing.

Today, Jayden speaks in complete sentences; he even asks questions which is rare for younger students on the autism spectrum due to their challenges with communication. Jayden loves riding the bus & going to school. He reads, writes and completes addition problems and no longer exhibits aggressive behavior. As of August 2015, Jayden transitioned from LUDIC back to the public school system. Jayden is now in a more inclusive setting, and is even spending part of his day in general education classes.

“We have several friends who also have autistic children and they wish they had a program like LUDIC in their area. Dr. Johnson and her staff at LUDIC have made a huge difference in my family's life and most importantly in my son Jayden's life. We cannot thank them enough,” says Jayden’s dad, Jeff. 

Lee University’s Developmental Inclusion Class is changing lives for children and their families.