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2024 Community Needs Survey - We Need Your Input

The United Way of the Ocoee Region (UWOR) is excited to conduct at 2024 Community Needs Assessment to help us identify the top areas of need for those living in Bradley and Polk Counties. UWOR facilitates a Community Needs Identification Committee with representatives from both Bradley and Polk Counties that meets throughout the year with the goal of reviewing data in order to understand our communities greatest areas of need so that we can make better informed funding decisions. Last year, the four primary areas of need identified were around stable housing, access to quality childcare, access to healthcare, and mental health and substance abuse. 

This year, we are excited to take a deeper dive by conducting a comprehensive needs assessment to get a more in-depth picture of the top areas of need for the people that we serve. This survey will help us to get a better understanding of where gaps may exist, so we can work toward finding solutions around needs that are identified. 

Be sure your voice is heard!

To complete the 5-minute 2024 United Way of the Ocoee Region Community Needs Survey, please visit

If you have questions, would like a printed copy of the survey, or need more information, please reach out to Hailey Wood at


Identifying and solving needs isn’t just a part of the mission of United Way of the Ocoee Region, it is our mission. The most important part of our work is stewarding donor dollars and ensuring that we use those funds to create long-term solutions to our community’s most pressing problems.

Six community needs assessments have been completed since 2015. For nearly a decade, the United Way of the Ocoee Region has been using these reports to guide their grant making and allocations process to make lasting solutions to our community's most pressing issues.

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