Housing United

Housing United

Housing United houses families through eviction prevention, long-term case management, and housing navigation services. Housing United is a partnership with The Caring Place, providing case management for the program. Housing United launched in July 2020 and continues to serve those experiencing and at risk for homelessness in Bradley County.

Access to housing is a key to stability for every individual. As housing burdens increase and needs arise, our program works diligently to prevent individuals from slipping into homelessness. In 2022, Housing United successfully served 58 households, increased landlord support, and helped maintain these families and individuals in stable housing.

A success story we are proud to share is one of a single mother of a 7-month old daughter. This young mother had a history of struggles with addiction and mental health, making it difficult for her to maintain stable employment. After finding out she was expecting, she was determined to do everything possible to create a better life for her daughter and worked to achieve sobriety. When the family entered our program in August, the young mother was sober but they were couch surfing with friends and family.

She was eager to find a safe place of their own but she had no stable income which made income-restricted apartments her only option.

The Housing Navigator worked with the young mother to find housing that would best suit her family, and located housing at Lee Manor Apartments in Athens, TN. These apartments were perfect for her because they were closer to her grandmother and would allow her to find a stable job because her grandmother would care for her daughter while she worked. Thankfully, she had a short wait time and was able to move into stable housing in December. Through Kindness Funds and Ocoee Connect, we were able to pay her deposit and utilities to set her up in her first month in her new home. Thanks to our friends at Amazon, we were able to provide her with Christmas gifts for her daughter and herself, as well as basic home items to help make her new apartment feel like a home. Currently, she is one year free of addiction and is overjoyed to be in a place of her own. In the new year, she is determined to find a stable job for her family now that she has a fresh start in her new home!